Friday, November 27, 2009

wouldn't it be fun if we could...

"Dear You,
Please accept my heartiest congratulations on your recent selection for inclusion in the short-list of
'what was i thinking' 

now would be a good time to return my King Crimsons. 
barely yours, 
 Me " 

for a friend, 
in a pang of empathy. 
you know who you are. 

4 smoke wisps:

Atrisa said...

Hahaha certainly amusing :)

mikimbizi said...

woooo..... <3

PULKIT said...

ps - I personally loved the previous template more... it suited the feel ...

BrownPhantom said...

Changes here :).
Long overdue comment.

Super-Super playlist. Thank you, for the songs.

And write-ups are brilliant( no the "usual blog comment type brilliant, but real brilliant) and you know that I suppose . :)

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