Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Illusion ???

Beseeching eyes spoke volumes,
Searching his face for a sign.
Her heart, she held, in a cage of thorns
Bleeding, red, the colour of her eye.

His lips were unparted,
Not a whisper from them came.
Her mind, his soul, were screaming,
But secrets undisclosed stayed.

His back was turned to her,
Expressions shadowed by the dusk.
She thought she saw a glistening tear.
Oh Why! why should they part?

The question repeated like a stuck tape
Played and replayed in her mind
Why once their love so soft and pure
turned into a poniard in their hearts

She turned to go, emotions detached,
He did not try to hold her back.
No longer fastened, were the strings,
Both knew the illusion was no longer.