Wednesday, November 11, 2009

"The time has come," the Walrus said, "To talk of many things: Of shoes--and ships--and sealing-wax-- Of cabbages--and kings-- And why the sea is boiling hot-- And whether pigs have wings."

|    Warning: long read ahead   |

i am very very choosy when it comes to people.
and when it comes to people who write(and who i read) all the more.

So when it was time for one of those reflection-taking stock-introspection deals,
i surprised myself when i thought about how many bloggers i had begun to love in a few months time.

my girls, my dear, crazy, sweet, brilliant, abstract, idiosyncratic girls.
the boys of a hundred stories and a million crazies, rainbow-hued and otherwise
the poets with their words of pure genius,
the story-tellers untangling webs of memories and imagination
and every-day-ers with their simple tales of every-day-wonder-ness
all of you, a part of my world.

and mind you; here's only a few
in the order that is
the standard for things, as such and these


  • Zlaek: the nexus between her writing and mine, is beyond uncanny. like a blurred, yet in ways more obvious, reflection of the thoughts in my head. inside of me, there is an intense impulse to stop anymore unworthy minds from reading her, yet at the same time, wishing for the world to know what she is capable of. One day i hope the better of these two will triumph and prove the alternative wrong.

  • Tris: she writes like she lives, boldly with just the right hint of recklessness and emotion. alter-native egos, of same boats and storms. drifting, learning, surviving.

  • Cloudcutter!: all of the words i used above to describe "my girls" applies to her. i love all her names! right from the first, to the last to her pseudonym :) her writing always, always hits the spot. she picks all these sublime little truths and tosses a delicious salad, with dressing and muchies! our random conversations leave warmth in their wake.

  • Spy girl: this girl's thoughts need to be bottled up and sold in exclusive-by-invite-only-parties. Hilarious is incorporated into her blood-stream. her writing is totally snort-worthy and she's the kind of girl who's willing to take my -tequila solves world crisis- style advices. ;)

  • Quicksilver: her words sit primly in their perfect spots, like pieces of some beautiful puzzle, all completed. seamless flow, beautiful imagery, the absurdity factor, her writing has them all, along with that oh-so-alluring factor of craziness ;)
  • Unsung: the sweet sweet boi whose life, like mine, is a full fledged drama. he writes about it in minute(albeit anonymous) detail, stays true to the rainbow and wears the drama-queen crown and I write obscure poetry ;) i can always depend on him to give me my 'make me feel better' fix whenever i need it. which btw is not often as one'd imagine.

  • Orange: the boy who can think, rainbow thoughts and others.

  • Meandering mind: the one who endeared himself to many, enthralled with his stories and then left without a trace. He took with him all that was and left us no reminder. no souvenir except his words, filled with warmth, sprinkled here and there.

  • Brown Dude: who first played the good-boy role to perfection and then went on to become a celebrity, forgetting his voters/mere mortals fellow bloggers. now he's back he says, let's wait and see ;)
    he writes like i sing. hilarious enough to make anyone laugh their innards out. 
    humour has a whole new avatar, because you see, He can comb his hair both ways. say wow!

  • Kaartasomething that crossed my mind when i read a post of his- "one cannot write out of mere imagination, or experience. only a mind keen enough to perceive and brilliant enough to capture the subtle signs of life can 'write' in the truest of senses. his writing touches that 'most discerning' part of my mind."
    and what's more, he's funny, ridiculously funny when he needs to be. totally ROFL worthy.
  • Diwakar Sinha:what strikes you at first is the sense of effortlessness in his writing. In his narratives, He constantly challenges accepted gender roles. and the voice of the narrator, neutral, observant, non judging, non preachy, keen.
    Reading him is like slowly sinking into a room full of cotton balls. 
    rich, soft, indulgent.

  • Shamanth: the story teller, with simplicity running in the background, curling the intricacies of the world into tidy little pointers and concise phrases
    you cannot stop
    the sun from setting
    just to admire
    its brilliance, nor admonish
    as it plunges, into seas
    of foolishness. and at
    the end of it all
    you know very well
    that the sun shines
    in another place, away
    from you but; wherever,
    forever it shines.

  • Akshata: she doesnt write much, anymore. she talks a lot, im sure.
    she's depressed and doesnt know it. she's quite brilliant and knows that.
    falls into the 'crazy kids running amok' category. said with lots of affection ofcourse:)

  • Iggy!: the one who wants to do everything under the sun, Today. which is only to be expected 'cause she's a gemini! (yes, i do believe that to be true) She's hilarious, a total laugh riot when she's not nursing a blogger's block or two that is ;) Now that you're back. Stay with us girl!

  • Merin the girl with the name of a african serpant-god-with-four-heads. and her writing is filled with as much incredulity and hilarity as that. again, a gemini, a ferrari-fanatic, and the best of all, some one who is willing to don her previous-life-serpant-god avatar to slay Fuckilton. say wheeee! ;)

  • Mikimbizi: boy O boy is she awesome or what, is what i would want to say. quite simply and plainly. But her writing, is so intricate, layered, multi dimensional. her work is like the collective mess inside a dream-catcher. good, euphoric, dark, esoteric, abstract and breathtaking, all in one take. she contains inside her, the true spirit of the hippie.

  • Audacious hilarious Itisha Peerbhoy whose primary purpose in life is to make people snort into their coffee's ever once in a blue morning.

  • wee Bullshee the one who drinks rum out of a beer mug and makes it sound esoteric.

  • manisha a random little girl with her random little thoughts. or so she says. her stories are truly amazing, with a class of their own. emotions behind them always bang-on. and the way she writes them, it's like she doesnt know what being self-conscious is, like she takes on a whole new persona.

  • Slashthe self proclaimed quasi-rocker. funny voice sings to him all day and at the end of it, we get to hear about it.  shrrrred that thing, twang twang twang.

  • Kro browho flatters me a lot, stays polite and calls me things like Ms. Naidu, Ms. Subtle signs et cetera, all the while covertly digging his nose. he writes humour like it has to save his life, which according to him might be true, you know, getting a life and the whole process that follows.

  • poe: Crazy lady, stays true to her name, loyal to her game. and still refuses to share the magic-herb with me. *hmph*

  • Mentalie: she covers her fetish for obscenity with some super-neat writing. and when all's said and done about shakila's boob-ets she never fails to make me rofL.

  • Mon monde: whose poems made us fall in love with them. their sheer simplicity paved the way for more to follow, into my life, that it would turn into complications of the largest kind, i didnt know then, but im still glad i read them.

  • Maggie Fitts: i think/feel/experience she's already written about it. Between the two of us, we share a name, a love for sylvia plath, interest for obscure postcards, and an undisturbed silence. her writing is what i'd call dysfunction kitsch. <3 <3 <3 it.

  • City in July THE poetry blog i love. her nonchalant familiarity of words, is almost disconcerting, like you are in the presence of some serious black magic. the title of her latest has haunted my mind ever since i read it. Medusa, Medusa, Medusa

  • Jason evans: in my mind, i call him the crazy-post-man. that's probably because of some obscure childish notion of the postman's bag having all this assorted nice-nice little things inside it. but that's just what i find each time i read him. surprises surprises.

  • Pundit's crisp blurring of imagination into reality, i only started reading him today and im hooked already.

  • the salesman whose writing is straight from his heart and into your checking account. SOLD, each time. and him too, i just started reading.

  • The nomad whose photographs i love.

  • Aparna's Ayushi and her wonderful stories

  • falstaff's whimsical madness 

there it is, the entire deal.

and to the ones that have been driving me crazy 
and keeping me sane.
my <3
PS: leave a
<3 if you dont have much else to say, to show you've all been here.

26 smoke wisps:

Diwakar Sinha said...

Thank you :)

soin said...

i love falstaff.. such simple thoughts and they confuse you to no end..and wow u sat and linked them all?? some

Mohan said...

hmm awesome stuff.. Have to appreciate your patience to write a couple of lines on each of those blogs. Now I got a chance to network with more bloggers!

Surely I hope to figure in your list someday!!!
btw., there is an easier way to track all those bloggers via a simple desktop app.. see my blog for more details.

The Cloudcutter said...

It's an honour to be on your list, dear girl! You're too kind and you have far too much time on your hands. Put it to better use by regaling us with your thoughts in your inimitable electrifying style. You give all of us a run for our money!
And what shall I use to describe you, dear heart? Words I have none...

slash\\ said...

Flattered. Honoured. And thankful. For all those other wonderful bloggers I can now follow.

As the Mind Meanders said...

Oooh... she talks about me in past tense.. I aint gone nowhere girl... just not writing anymore... but I still sprinkle my comments around... and promise to read you as long as you write...

:D :D

mikimbizi said...

Cant stop blushing.
Thank you for including me in your list of writings. Must read all of them.

mikimbizi said...

Ps: this is the first thing I read today. And I am soaring...

Poe said...

Wao. I've never been on anyone's list before. I's all warm and fuzzy inside now. Thank you. :)

Also, I'd *totally* share it with you if I could, but I'm bound by constraints such as the lady who gave it to me in the first place, who expects me to save it for a rainy day- preferably one on which she's bumming around my place and there are no parental units around. She's selfish like that, sigh. Apologies?

Meghana Naidu said...

diwakar sinha: you're very welcome!

soin: yeah falstaff does that to you. but i on the other hand dont have that much patience really, i cheat ;)

mohan: refer above for explanation on patience ;)
and ive ended up knowing the bloggers behind most of the blogs up there, thats why the list seems endless. your blog is any tech-fiddler's treat! ive decided to sit down and explore it throughly one day.

Meghana Naidu said...

G: *grin* no no, not too much time, too much affection maybe ;)
this 'list' was long in the making, ever since Zlaek wrote something similar, and then meandering mind's post as well.

a few edits and a little garnishing and it was ready to post. mind you it took a LONG time to finish. over six months ;)

Atrisa said...

Meg you rock sista!

Tris to Meg, Tris to Meg
When I read you it's like a conundrum I solve in my own brain. Not just your posts but even your comments are so honest and just delightful! Someday we shall share our stories that we currently feel are no use discussing :) But will continue to read and try to figure it out and figure 'you' out!

And of course, need to catch up on a lot of reading. It's ladies sighting!

Meghana Naidu said...

slash: just sharing some of the awesomeness is all :)

meandering mind: oooooo he's alive! how dare you take your blog of the radar! completely unacceptable.
come back boy, you're missed!

Meghana Naidu said...

@mikimbizi: its nice to know i made someone's day happy-er, he he. and i mean all of it ofcourse!

@Poe: ive come to find that its nice to be in lists ;) and hey girl, dont wory, i dont run around looking for treasure when i can score some easy,
my cup (err) runneth over ;)

@tris: someday, someday! till then the guess-what's keep us pretty intrigued ofcourse ;)

(so much <3 around. the blue's a shade lighter)

Iggy said...

ooh mee googneess :D I pheel so naais! :P

Meghana Naidu said...

iggy! googness. such googness. rofl!

UnsungPsalm said...

Aww, you're too sweet!
But your poetry is abstract, profound and extremely creative! Every word is well deserved :)

The Salesman said...

Meghana, Thank you so much for your kind words. As Bloggers, we tend to get a little self absorbed, we'd like others to read us and prefer to read less of others, you're obviously not one of them.

I enjoyed reading your thoughts and poetry, I wished if I could write and express myself as well as you can.

P.S It was fun playing with the fishes too!

Anonymous said...

What a cool compliment! I'm very honored. :) I think I'll tuck it away with my favorite feedback.

Thank you!!

Meghana Naidu said...

Unsung: he he he i like your meaning of 'obscure' better than mine ;)

Salesman: you're welcome very much. its wonderful to read all of you and the least i can do is share some of the craziness!

ooooo the fishies, i love my fishies :D
thank you

Jason: you liked being called a crazy-post-man! ;) no wonder i heart your writing :D

Quicksilver said...

good gracious!! i can live on this compliment for an entire month ;) honoured honoured honoured...

Monidipa said...

Hello, I'm not a regular blogger so it took me a while to come across this. Thank you, you are entirely too kind. :)

Anonymous said...

honestly: i read me review and left
with a bloofy (bloody+goofy) smile on me face!

Meghana Naidu said...

quicksilver: just keep writing, 'tis all there's to do ;)

mondipa: i say what i truly feel :)

kro-bro: this proves i know what i'm talking about ;)

Susan Deborah said...

Thats a laudable effort. I can never stop being surprised by bloggers. So many people, topics, ideas et al.

Its nice to come across people as you.

Keep up the good work.

Joy always,

Zlaek said...

"One day i hope the better of these two will triumph and prove the alternative wrong."

I respect you what what you are Meghana, and just that.

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