Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Smoke wisps gather,
around my eyes.
And water melts,
on the fabric of dreams.

The rise and fall
of twined destinies
everlasting seems.
Only to end,
the next moment.

Clear notes of sweet pain,
of drugged existence,
of primal need,
Confound my senses.
And I am lost.

But then, from within
salvation beckons.
Its whisper, I can hear
amidst the caresses,
leading me on.

The faint murmurs
make symphony,
with the arcane cries.
And from the depth,
The crescendo begins.

The rising ecstasy,
takes me to
the zenith of life.
And then,
Life stops.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

For me.

This was written for me and me alone. 

"Not a painter I am,
but a poet!" you say,

I am reading them all,
So delighful are they!

Sparing the brush,
im compelled to say,

Brutal art thou,
with the words that you weigh.


Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Good ol' me
all of 22
ill be.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


We live in a world
where priests of 
mediocrity and
crusaders of 

decadence make 
the rules for you 
to live by.

Won't it then,
be smothered in darkness?

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Noble Icarus,
you never knew
that failure kissed your feet,
even before you took to the light.
and neither did you know,
that you could fly again.

So lost were you,
So enamoured by the light.
so slowly you fell,
and never rose again.

I too, seek the light you love.
To the world, you might be a fool
But in you i see the flutters
of my soul's desire
Have i not, too,
ventured to embrace the sun,
and danced with defeat instead.

But i am not you, naive dreamer
I will fly, take to the light again
And this time,
The wax on my wings will not melt
for it is sealed with love.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Late into the night, and the air hangs heavy.
After a series of shitty days and nights, i've been working all day and a high sense of satisfaction is coursing through my mind. High enough to make me laugh at all the power cuts. That is high enough if you know me and my violent outbursts.
My balcony is strategically planned to capture even the lightest drift of wind... I sit on my swing and the whish whoosh just perfectly complements my mood. A song flies by, but of course it should. Fool’s garden, Lemon tree “nothing ever happens and I wonder”
Have you ever wanted to drive through winding roads, the car top down and the wind in your hair? Yes? Hell yeah? thought so.
But to feel like you ARE treading unknown paths when swinging in your own front yard, this I attribute to the transporting power of music (and my hyper active creativity, but we’ll get to that later)

... ...
Song-on-loop. Playing every riff, not missing a beat.
Mind drifts, thinks, drifts some more. I feel every word enveloping my mind and more thoughts come. It’s like watching one of those movies unfold, you know, where the colours and words swirl around and then freeze at the prefect scene. Complete with background music, special effects et al.

I’m amazed at how much is trapped inside of me.

Bliss and realization

the original post was here 

I’m amazed at how much is trapped inside of me.
... ...
Distant horizon, a slow twirl of the mind and I see it forming.
Something deep inside of me knows that this picture, I must see painted.
There’s red and blush pink, there’s a hint of yellow.
Strands of colour and a dark form.
Years might pass and i could sit here watching the scene unfold.
It begins to fill with light.
It fascinates, the light beckons.
Dire anticipation. Sweet longing. Secret fear. 

Woof! Taffy sees a doggy friend.
My reverie is broken.
as the trees fold into focus i see fleeting glimpses of the unfinished frame...
lilting tunes fading
And then, like the crescendo that was never anticipated...
Realization dawns.

And I, Smile.

Thursday, May 07, 2009


Thoughts flutter.
moth wings soft and shimmery,
slow dance. from inside the dark,
into the night light.

They morph, hide.
They escape, only to be found again.

They pause, stay.
they dance and come out to play.

And while they stay,
sleep eludes.
night grows long,
heavy eyes droop,
reason sleeps.

And then,
caught in this sweet maze,
shy dreams smile.

Saturday, May 02, 2009


Its not oft'en that moonlight breaks crystal wide.
But when it does, look away.

For what is but oh-so-obvious in the haze of the night;
Is mighty elusive in the sharp shadows of noon.

And if the 'true' escapes from cool eventide too....
Where then will you seek it?