Thursday, November 26, 2009

survival: a reminder

I was, I'm not. 
But, I will be.

8 smoke wisps:

Atrisa said...

You know why I like you? It's cuz you never back down, you look forward. Not exactly a quality you see in too many people.


Mohan said...

Awesome! I like the simple yet powerful 2 lines! I am gonna have a great day today :)

Iggy said...


soin said...

the iteration part of it is missing even if its

Escapist said...

Picture and your words makes it up....


Chatterbox said...

Loved your power of expression :)

Keep up the good work.Stay in touch.


Akshata said...

Actually shouting that.

Meghana Naidu said...

sigh @ life's epiphanies

thank you, much love and much strength to all of you.
pick either or both of it


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