Sunday, November 15, 2009

trick question

"I have the choice of being constantly active
and happy or
introspectively passive
and sad. Or
I can go mad by ricocheting in between.
-Sylvia Plath"

6 smoke wisps:

soin said...

who said there is no buffer

Atrisa said...

That's my life in a quote :)

Meghana Naidu said...

soin: you dont know me. in my book, there never is.

tris: i know you.

Mohan said...

You made a great start for my monday! I am taking the first half of that quote to keep going all this week!

vineeta said...

A small post, and safe for me to comment, I presume. Yours is the kind of intimidating blog one always feels scared to put a comment in. But I've loved Sylvia Plath & her poetry for me mean memories- of my not so happy youth. So I stopped, and dared to comment.

Meghana Naidu said...

mohan: i hope its a great week :) atleast someone's putting it to positive use!! i think i should "try" that as well ;)

vineeta: wow. thats something i never expected O_O
i promise my blog will try its best not to scare away nice people! its very docile, really.
you could leave me a little heart like this one <3
i like little hearts :)

and plath, yes.
my love of her is steady and unwavering. unlike most other things.
lots of luck to you in your brave new step!
<3 :)

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