Sunday, January 04, 2009

Apocalyptica: The Unforgiven

There is just something about the music.  
That takes you to a place somewhere deep inside your head. 
Somewhere dark and muted. 
where the vista is in sepia and your thoughts are in Black&White. And red.

Friday, January 02, 2009

One day I will

One day I will tell you
what the song meant.
sing it to you
and ask
if you remember
the words
to sing with me.

One day i will tell you
what i was thinking
when i said
it was nothing
and ask
if you realised then
that it was not
meant to be said
but understood.

One day i will tell you
what the look meant
and why
it stayed with me
and ask
if you would look
at me
that way again.

One day i will tell you
how i took
those hours of silence
and ask
if you could do the same
and survive

One day i will tell you
what words cannot
and will never tell
and yet i will
find a way to
tell you
one day i will