Sunday, September 07, 2008

Looking back

The tide has turned yet again,
The journey ends not here, 

was but a marker.
The tide turns, leaving us
washed up on different shores,
memories clinging.

I remember,
The words, the beautiful poems
How equally fascinated we 

were by them.
The silent agreement, 

the unspoken solidarity.
Amidst blatant indifference,
I had found a twin soul.
I remember now,
The passionate beliefs, 

the intense ponderings
How we did not 

belong here, and how
In another world, another time,
All would be right.

Where you go now I cannot follow,
Only memories cling.


Where shall I seek 
the elusive rile 
that is 
my will?
Never has grazed 
the earth one more 
filled with contradictions
than me.


After the moon sleeps
 it is, When night shivers 
to show its colours 
and when 
dawn begins to take 
hesitant steps...

that is when my heart 
is full of dreams and my 
mind overflows with