Wednesday, June 06, 2007

mark of Cain

Wrongs done,
never to be undone
Guilt borne,
never to unburden

A piece of soul, “Forgiveness from above?”
The rest aware,
a million.

My conscience;
“Knock, knock, Hello?”

Impressions and admirations buried below,
Deceive endear,
never was,
to be,

Mind’s heart, Heart’s mind bellow.

3 smoke wisps:

liQuiD hERoin said...

um, was your bf's name cain?

if not, do explain to me the title's relevance (if u feel like it anytime/want to), since it kinda doesn't relate to the cain and abel story i know of

or, um, did u slay your brother by mistake? um, LOL

well written btw

liQuiD hERoin said...

um, actually, nevermind.
i think i got it. sort of.
me slow.

Meghana Naidu said...

@ liquid heroin

thank for your comments (here and other posts)

the mark of cain refers to the guilt borne by cain.

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