Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Swirl Black

Swirl black

never around my mind
sharp as ever

yet swirl black
my senses take

one, a many, a million

conscious recurrence

acceptance? denial?
of that innocent ignorance or calculated apathy?

2 smoke wisps:

Kavya said...

:) you have something about the 'way' you write that makes some others feel like lesser mortals.

Nikhil said...

ahh.... now this is something more to my liking, vague with such abandon, but simplistic in a linear construct, basic rudiments of thoughts strung together almost violently; the result a very pleasing randomness, evocative of something basic... raw and uncivilized... yet adumbrating a surprisingly cohesive line of thought... and adding to the spicy brew, some words i consider my dearest, black, apathy... indeed your best so far...

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