Friday, August 17, 2007

Never say Never

The fragile secret of a flower.
From waves of iridescent genesis
From mutations on mutations
From air and changing earth
unto myself i came.

My diffident spirit, which
Once gave the flame its fires.
Now hushed into a haze of doubt.
In labyrinths of purple solitude
expressions shadowed by the dark.

The living thoughts in me,
Spring from men and women.
The dead and going sources
The nexus of forgotten time.
A moment they spare; In empathy.

An obscure encounter,From shadows to spring
I come, they come with me.
Finding words through me they echo
I hear them cry, Never
say never again filling hope?

2 smoke wisps:

Kertz said...

Wow... well written... :) A typo in the beginning of the last stanza, fix it. Altogether spine chilling... :) Good to see another fello poet, with a little dark themes running over. :)

Keep writing... I'll read'em for sure.. :)

Meghana Naidu said...

thanks for the appreciation.. and the correction :)

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