Saturday, September 26, 2009

Pronunciation: \ˈbō-ˌgärt\; Function: transitive verb

[Hey you know, maybe, i need to consciously realise that i know, you know?] 

  (mmm yes, that would help)    
[yeah, if im aware, if i could feel it, if i could sense it every minute
i probably would love myself more
hey you know, maybe, i need to really love myself, to live, you know] 

  (mmm yeah, you... should.) 
[really thats what you think? wow, im feeling so happy right now, happy without being, you know]  
  (mmm you should be) 

[hey you know, i wish i could really love myself
it shouldn't be so difficult
i mean
look at you
and your words
i wish i could do that
love myself
and be comfortable
you love yourself and you love your self
you know] 

  (mmm yeah,
it's all alright

[can i watch when you roll this time?
you're so beautiful
i want to cry]

   (mmm yeah... sure 
 easy now,
 breathe deep
 pass left,
 give dammit!
 you bitch.)

4 smoke wisps:

Atrisa said...

Haha it sounds like conversations with my ex! Do you recommend a certain Bogart? Which one?

Meghana Naidu said...

its all about god's herb baby ;)
and a hyper-emotional wannabe 'seeker of peace'

your ex, you probably should introduce him to the maryjane and then have a conversation
THAT would be fun

but out of curiosity
who would you be?
the square or the small bracket?

Atrisa said...

Earlier times in the relationship - the square brackets, towards the end - the round brackets :P

Haha god's herb, should've guessed! Incidently, the best conversation I recently had with the ex was when we both were drunk!

Now that I re-read it, I like it even more :)

Meghana Naidu said...

its but obvious,
alcohol is the second best thing in making a relationship work
it comes right after poison

*grins wildly*

and thanks!

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