Thursday, September 10, 2009

. break of Reality .

NOTE: contains offensive language.

... continued

Episode 4 . the Bridge .

  Twilight noxiously crept down the window to fall on the bed Raghav lay on. His eyes were wide open and he was wearing the same clothes he had worn for the past 26 hours only he didn’t realise it.
Time had slipped away in masquerade and non-recognition had enveloped the entirety of his existence. He did not stir but he knew it would happen any moment soon; he felt it, and as on cue, the door burst open.

"STAND ASIDE! THIS IS THE POLICE!" ...the racket, the guns, the stomping feet, the cold barking orders were terrific enough to fill yellow in the most stoic of hearts. but Raghav merely looked on, a jaded spectator in the story of his own writing...

"Are you Raghav Bhaskar!?"

"Yes, I Am."
...Hands dragged him from bed and hurled him on the floor. The feet stomped down on him, kicking him in the stomach, rifles butting him in the solar plexus, feet crashing down hard on his testicles, rifles jabbing his eyes...

"Where is your partner!"
...Silence. the rifles spoke...
"i don’t know... i don’t know"
...the feet came down on him again...

"Yes SIR!"
...rifles smacked every part of his body...
"Sir! the house is empty Sir!"

"Did you search the basements, these...
anomalies, have a thing for basements, they must find it... kinky

...Sick, gray eyes, dead, like that of hung meat, leered at him with unveiled disgust...
"Sir yes SIR. It is empty SIR "
"Ah we've got a clever one here now, haven't we"
...Hands pushed him to a wall and he was made to sit up...

"Where is Deep Matthew?!"
"I don’t know"
...Sick, gray eyes, dead, like that of hung meat...

"you are under arrest for 
actively encouraging and participating in homosexual intercourse; for voluntarily having had carnal intercourse against the order of natureThe Government of the People condemns homosexuality as a perverse, social deviancy and declares it to be a criminal offence punishable by immediate isolation and
"Do you understand! Do you FOLLOW?!"

the savages pounced on him but Raghav could not feel them anymore. the blood just pounded through his body, pouring out from myriad gashes.

"Where is Deep Matthew?"
the dead eyes drew level with his.

" he... he lived here before... long before... a few days back... he just disappeared... i don’t know anything since"
The leer returned, "Now, now, lover boy, Why did he run away? Were you not good enough for him? Did you not pleasure him as he pleased? what was it... did he give you up for another twisted, sick bastard? ran to his sugar daddy?" "Isn’t that what you do, you scum of humanity!" he grabbed a clump of Raghav's hair and spat on his face.

The rifle butt grazed up his leg.

"you're enjoying this aren't you, you GODLESS HOMOSEXUAL FILTH!"
"GUARDS! tie him up! pleasure him the right way and the whereabouts of his filthy partner will come spewing out!"

"wait! DONT! You... you’re right... he... he cheated on me. he betrayed me... i loved him so... i couldn’t live with it... it drove me mad
and so... i killed him. he is dead.

The rifle butt smashed into his face.



                 “...hear you Smriti, but please calm down! where are you? I’ll come and get you, then you can tell me everything. Just calm down!” her voice was barely a whisper,  but in spite of that,  he could hear the dread in her voice “...No Raghav. Its too late! I saw the... the week’s list! They’ve.Got.You.Raghav, they’re coming.” The dread crept into his being. “Do something Raghav, hide, run away, escape, kill yourself! anything! but don’t get caught! I heard...I heard them talking about the new rehabilitation centre... Oh! Raghav its horrible! What are you going to do?! You and Deep! what are...”  click. beep.beep.beep.beep...

 ...It was only right that it was him.  Deep would have never agreed to go into hiding. He would have wanted to stay, and fight, defend their right to live. But... it would have been no good! There was NO possibility of rebellion, not in this society .Not where the choices you had was compromise or persecution. not where Free thought and expression were locked in a iron girdle of ‘righteousness’ and ‘morality’.  Escape... there was no escape. the ‘divine force’ was all permeating. like the stench of something vile, and putrefied, it got into the tiniest crack of civilization... where would they hide? where could you hide when you’re trapped in vacuum, unable to breathe, unable to live, unable to... DIE. and then, there was torture. they made sure it was the only thing you had, The Government of the People... ...


the rifle struck again. and again. and again. He slowly collapsed to the floor, the old woman's whispered words in his head, "My son, you have done the right thing! Go with God! your... ... ..." and then,


Epilougue . the coda .

... ... ...
far away in a low, old, reclusive home a young man opens his eyes. An old wrinkled hand strokes his forehead, and in a somber voice, recites the story that was, and in the same, comforts him while he cries like an infant, in the memory of his love. 

"... right thing! Go with God! your sacrifice will not be in vain! He will be safe and your love will keep him alive."

For the full story   . break of Reality .

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Shamanth Huddar said...

You already know how much I love the story.

What I love the most on the re-reads is how the intensity plays along mischievously to lead to the story line.

The apparent "death" scene, the child-like innocence portrayed so beautifully in the body language of Deep, the "yielding" feel given to both the characters are but a few from the long list of my favourite parts of the story :)

The Cloudcutter said...

Hey, thanks for leaving me that offline message. I didn't realise you had continued the story. There was such a long break after the first part. (How come blogger didn't show it in my updates...hmmm?)

Anyway I read the whole thing again and congratulations! It's gripping and intense and really well written. Although I did guess he was gay by the time I reached part 2, I still wondered how it would end.

Keep it up Meggie, you can do more than write nice poetry. And that's more than I can say about the rest of us! Haha.

Now if I can just get you to change your background from black to just anything else (please!) then this would be the perfect blog. ;-)

The Cloudcutter said...

Success! Posting comments I mean :-)

Diwakar Sinha said...

very interesting piece of work :)
an intense and involving composition.

Anonymous said...

Owww lady! This HURTS! :O

Anonymous said...

But I have to read it from the beginning once... Will do so next Friday, with a cup of coffee and everything...

Both you and I have busy days ahead :D

As the Mind Meanders said...

You posted the second part almost a month after the first. Then came the third and I had decided not to read it until I put them all together and read it in one go.. and when I had time...

I found time today... and I am thankful... the story is good... but it is your ability to play around with words that took it to another level... Impressive... although... it did not deserve to be broken up and served in installments... but thank you for putting it all together...

Look forward to more...

Meghana Naidu said...

@ess :)

@G blogger decided that i was to be paid back for making you all wait. :P
and thank you :) you really guessed?
that's... disturbing ;)
thanks again! writing this was fun!
although I think, poetry is quite more complicated but then again you've got complex prose and straight-edge poetry so i wont say much about it ;)

as for the last bit.
No, i wont *sticks tongue out*

white fluffy clouds are your thing sweetheart
i like my blog black, and i like to get you to make the extra effort *smiles cheekily*

and Yay! on the success bit :D

@diwakar: thank you, and send me an invite to your blog.. i dont want to stop reading you but ill definitely forget to write to you later! ;)

@unsung: that we do..tell me when, i'll get my coffee cup out too and we'll do the catching-upping :D

@meandering mind:well reading between the lines, look like good apreciation, so thank you ;)

yes, i know what you mean. i DEFINITELY didn't want to break it up.

OH! if only i could write all day, such perfection that would be... such bliss!
but this is as far as a few borrowed hours of escape go...

bondgal_rulz said...

When I saw that the whole story has finally been uploaded, I too like one of the bloggers above, got comfortable on my chair with a packet of chips and some juice. ;)

The gay part I predicted, it was the ending which blew me off.

And the choice of your words, so crisp and yet so describing.

Words find a new meaning in this post of yours.

Outstanding execution of a great idea. Hats off to you. :)


Meghana Naidu said...

@Bondgal:ha ha! i almost want to go all dramatic and say.. " iz not a story... iz a.. 'ow you say.. experience!"

thank you :) im glad it was everything i had hoped for!

Mystic said...

Its the most gripping story i have read in days.. Brilliant use of words..!! The plot is excellent and your writing has exuberance.. Keep writing..!! :)

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