Friday, June 05, 2009

Yes. i did it again and AGAIN. O_O

Tags on blogger. and im a sitting duck.

Wouldnt have done this if i hadnt come across the "will never enjoy another drink in your life if you dont do this tag" here. Is there an alcoholic in the house? So now you know.

So here goes. again.

Ten is:
  1. the amount i am happy to have in my pocket.
    That means 1 cup of coffee+ 1 catridge sheet
    or the confidence to say "2 milds kodi"
  2. the total marks for one Building Construction sheet.
    im averaging at about -4.75 right now.
  3. the time at night when i think
    "so if i sleep for 2 hours now and get up at 12 then i still have 8 hours left, AWEsome! i can definitely finish my entire's semester's submissions in that time"
  4. the number of subjects i attempted this semester.
    "In your face past-apprehensive-me"
  5. the number of talons at the ends of the digits typing this out.
    manicure? hoo dhat?
  6. the number of numbers in a very special phone number ;)
  7. NOT the number of mugs of beer i can consume.
    the exact number will be a mystery to all.
    except for those willing to pay to find out.
  8. the number of days i want to sleep for after tomorrow.
  9. the number of days to go for my BIG 22 , three days back.
    yes, i am a mathematical genius.
  10. the number of minutes for which i WISH vaish was back home :(
    and maybe stay for eternity after that?

    im so selfless and non-greedy.

NOW, the devil speaks through me to say
"Thou shalt never enjoy a drink
So dare you skip this tag !!!

6 smoke wisps:

Shamanth said...

haah!! look whose blogging blog-style :)

so has anyone paid for you beer and found out the exact number yet? :)

the white phoenix said...

I was delighted to see that you took up the tag because of the curse. And thats the reason why I am game for 7. :P

Cheers to beers!!

Meghana Naidu said...

@shamanth: The afore mentioned incident has been known to happen. Further details are purely confidential and publishing depends on the discretionary powers of the parties involved.

Meghana Naidu said...

@white phoenix: please leave you name, number and economic scope at the front desk and we will get back to you by the next binge session.

*be delighted you evil blogger, thanks to you my blog has become bubblegum pop*

;) :D

the white phoenix said...

As if it was a martin Scorsese movie before this :P

Meghana Naidu said...

@white phoenix: "next binge session" came and went. sorry, next time. ;) :D

and the blog? :O it WAS NOT bubblegum pop! ever!

*argh such insolence*

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