Saturday, August 18, 2007

Broken Mirror

The soft fabric felt queerly coarse
jerked aside,it exposed
the glint from it hurt the eye
the Mirror-her companion of dismal fantasy.

She held it,caressed it, cried like a beaten child
Not once looking lest it reveal the truth
In muffled syllables that nature speaks
Like the murmurs of the mourning ghosts

Her thoughts flickered pale and bright
in her mind, passed with a marathon creep.
The mirror unveiled slipped from her hands
broke into scattered myriad pieces, shattered

Through them, she saw life in the eye,
Coldly wise the aged face looked, and grew calm.
She had learnt that promises wait,
Compromises, behind every broken gate.

Life the broken mirror had given her the truth
to see, and comprehend in many angles.
She beheld herself in it and knew
It had taken in exchange, Her youth.

3 smoke wisps:

Solipsista said...

Im gonna age gracefully :D
So dont dare make it sound cynical!! :P

V said...

Hi. This is Vishal here, your poetry is quite remarkable. I am a poor doggerel writer, fellow Death Metal fan and so the profound aspects of your writings jumnped to my eye. There is the metal lyrics influence too, but more empowering in a very original and unique manner..Kudos!!
I find it quite surprising that you understand the philosophy behind metal so well, as few of the fairer sex can do so. I expect to read more fine poetry on this blog, for you have given perfect shape to varying emotions in one narrative(reminiscent of 'stream of consciousness' technique) in some of your other works. Giving shape to 'soul' in poetic form, is an artistic process unique to individuals with insight.

liQuiD hERoin said...

hmm, kinda concentrates more on trying to find metaphors and personifications, rather than try to establish contextual flow and integrity

we'll discuss sometime, if ever :)

no offense please, just developmental criticism :)

(and not like u need to give a c**p about some anon's virtual bs, but yeah :P)

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