Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bliss and realization

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I’m amazed at how much is trapped inside of me.
... ...
Distant horizon, a slow twirl of the mind and I see it forming.
Something deep inside of me knows that this picture, I must see painted.
There’s red and blush pink, there’s a hint of yellow.
Strands of colour and a dark form.
Years might pass and i could sit here watching the scene unfold.
It begins to fill with light.
It fascinates, the light beckons.
Dire anticipation. Sweet longing. Secret fear. 

Woof! Taffy sees a doggy friend.
My reverie is broken.
as the trees fold into focus i see fleeting glimpses of the unfinished frame...
lilting tunes fading
And then, like the crescendo that was never anticipated...
Realization dawns.

And I, Smile.

3 smoke wisps:

Kavya said...

"There’s red and blush pink, there’s a hint of yellow"

Loved this line. I can sense excitement, anticipation and a sense of contentment :)

Animall said...

like the way you are celebrating your life using poetry... had to read this one thrice to feel the meaning

Meghana Naidu said...

@kavya: excitement anticipation and contentment. Couldn't be more perfect. :)

@nindo: haven't we always? :) gosh i miss you! <3

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