Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Of purple solitude.
Of purple shadows.
The silent encounter.
In labyrinths of mist.
Stars,moonside archway.
embrace rusting gates.
of amative death.
The Nodose smiles seep,
Entice.Cedar dance.
Alluring docile Chionodoxa.
Prelude to the naked end

6 smoke wisps:

vaishnavi said...

hey! this is... hmm... very 'u'. the last line is the most profound!

Kavya said...

as said, the poem is very 'you'.

I love the brevity and the profanity.

Solipsista said...

I think I will publish this poem in my name and mint.
So fuck off,bitch..and remover your name.

Shamanth said...

i simply could not understand this poem!

anyway, what exactly do you mean by "purple solitude" or "purple shadows"??

does purple signify something in particular?

Meghana Naidu said...

@shamanth: Purple is the dark of the night and the dark of the mind, you know.. how black is never truly black but always green brown red or blue.

maybe the days will bring understanding.. thank you for all the lovely comments :)

Shamanth said...

hmm...thts what purple is!!

interesting to know!! i think i get some of it now :)

and yeah, maybe the days will bring the understanding.

and you're welcome. the least i cud do is comment, other than admiring your poems ofcourse :)

Now may I say "It's your turn" :D

anyway, waiting for more of your posts(prose and poems alike).

and thank you for being the first follower of my blog :)

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