Thursday, January 21, 2010

absentee love

somebody un-followed my blog today.
can i thank you?
numbers ending in 6, 9 and 1
upset me
a lot
55; Now there’s a tidy little thing.
50 is just plain disappointing;
55 however, has all the
promise of the future and the
balance of the present,
and the world is stable again.

Danger averted.

12 smoke wisps:

Atrisa said...

Buahahhaha :D Happened to me too once!

Nikita Banerjee said...


Happens to all of us doesn't it? I guess comments are least an indication that people are reading your blog!

Meghana Naidu said...

tris: yes, but was it as perfect as 55?
didnt you figure out who or why yet?

nikita: you crack me up. snort!

mikimbizi said...

There are scores of secret followers, yes, I know, recently found out. So one un-follower can be forgotten when you have several secret admirers.

Atrisa said...

Mine went from 17 to 16. Given my fetish for even numbers I liked it ;)

Anonymous said...

Do you find meaning in numbers generally?

Meghana Naidu said...

tris: finally,
someone gets what im saying.
fetish, yes.
thank you.

mikim: secret admirers
i <3 how you say
"yes, I know, recently found out" ;)
enjoying your new template?

jason: I, am a sucker for all things symbolic and organised, among others.
yes, numbers do feature in the list;
idiosyncratically though.

eveline said...

Not going to compare your traffic to my meager passers-by... My stats suck. But then never one to care too much.

Good luck coping with the numbers situation. :D

BrownPhantom said...

hmmm... i like this territory..
169 is 13 times 13. Am not suggesting that superstitions upset you :)
It's funny(or is it) that 961 is 31 times 31.
But 691 (the order you chose) is a prime number, which is lovely if it was unintentional.
Taking these digits in pairs do conjure nice images though.

mentalie said...

oooh, that last comment on your post has hit the nail on the head. but even so, i will say that it is as much of a privilege to be loyally unfollowed as it is to be followed :)
ps: cannonball is so sad and so beautiful!

Meghana Naidu said...

eveline: most of them just come here to see if the madness got any worse :D

numbers drive me crazy!
i know, obsessive compulsive much?

Brown dude: i think you've given us all a good picture of what'l happen if you're allowed to go on
now stop wasting your brilliance here and get started on those theories! ;)

mentalie: loyally un-followed. sounds just right ;)

cannonball is so, sigh!
you like the new songs?

Rajat said...

lol I love numbers

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