Monday, October 12, 2009

all of my love

In a flash of silver, he scored her yielding skin. It gave way, like it knew; 

like it welcomed the all too familiar intrusion, and the brutal caress insinuated recusant release.

she watched it, 
small, pulsating, a point object gloating at its own creation, and then another; throbbing beads, connecting to become a micro deluge.

he watched her,and the red reflected in the dark orbs. 
as he watched, the black cracked, myriad crimson rays radiated from its core. 
He swept his hands up and caught hers in a vice; an eerie sense of possession permeated his being. 
Reclusive bohemian eyes turned wild; the raw hunger evident in them; a portrait of obscure passion; as Life dripped down her fingers.
a whimper of pain,
her body vibrated; 
like it knew; like it welcomed the all too familiar intrusion,

eternity, was Now... and life,

on the dull metal, the congealed crimson was now just a repugnant scar. She turned away, her smile profane; depravity had the final dance. yet again, he had succumbed.

a shudder went down his soul
and he hated himself anew.

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Mohan said...

Wow.. so many words on the free flow!

Loved going through some of your posts :) Will be frequent here...

agent green glass said...

wow megs. visual poetry at its best.
"In a flash of silver, he scored her yielding skin" woooooo

Meghana Naidu said...

@spy girl
thank you!
was very very fun writing it ;)

thank you!
enjoy reading the rest of them :)

Atrisa said...

You are quite good at this type of writing! Dark, scary and cold :) Very break of reality

bondgal_rulz said...


Bohemian said...

Groovy's the word.
Thumbs up.

mikimbizi said...

Love the layers you have sculpted with words, with the uncanny combination, the mixing of phrases, meanings, ideas - its like a sip from a tropical cocktail.

Meghana Naidu said...

tris: i like the 'break of reality' becoming an adjective. dark, scary and cold. a better set of words ive yet to fall in love with.

bondgirl, boogers: thank you girls.

mikim: and i love the phrases you use. tropical cocktail, thank you very much.

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