Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Time Horizon

Architectural design: project review on 10|11|08

Well, It was one of those days which needs to be written down and memoraxed.

Why would you want a hour to hour blown up account of my weekend?
oh you do? Welcome all ye voyeurs...

     Disclaimer: the following post does not advocate insomnia, drugs or architecture. 

After "utilizing" the whole day to get "inspired to work" i finally start.
(believe me, listening to 'Until Death Overtakes Me' will not spur you to become productive)

3 PM working
4 PM working
5 PM working
7 :30, 8 PM SLEPT
9 PM working
10 PM working
11 30 PM SLEPT
12 30 AM eating
2 AM from here it becomes a slow drone of standards, roads, openings, bad coffee and alien invasions
5 AM which gradually developes into a full fledged rumble, complete with halucinations and involuntary flailing of arms.
Fall asleep finally at 7 30 AM and stay asleep for exactly 2 hours
9 30 AM all semblence to "homo erectus" is lost
communication reduced to mono syllabic grunts for food, water and power cuts
11 AM 'electricity' is back and i feel a deeper connection with my ancestors who discovered fire "Ooga Booga"
12 AM working
1 : workking
2 : wrking
3 : wrkng
4 : wrk
5 : ?
I like to believe that my design is tending towards minimalism
8 PM on a sunday evening. Logically speaking it should have been spent online trying to teach myself the art of social networking
But here i am
fretting about whether my cattle herders are too close in proximity to the school i am designing (they were literally overlapping btw)
10 PM trippy shit
i can actually see the walls moving when i shake my head and those sheep must be pretty stupid if they're coaxing me to jump off the ledge
11 PM oh wait or is it me telling them they have to stay in the cattle sheds and not wander into the bus stops? some murmurs of "stupid designer, forgot to put gates" is overheard
2 AM Ive acheived the ultimate.
The power to predict the future.
i can clearly see myself in class tomorrow.
Sheets up on the review board.
Im solemnly telling the external jury, that they can go sleep in the cowshed for all i care, if they think the bedrooms ive designed are too small.
4 AM i still have to figure out what to do with the green monkeys sitting on my speakers. They are going on and on and on about some "concept". what does that word mean? Ive never heard it before.
5 AM M-M-M-M-Monkey on my back LED ZEP rules..
6 40 AM the bed feels like quicksand. The more i fight it off, the more it pulls me in.
7 30 AM iz amaging hoe lack of skeep doen effecp mee
740 AM The electricity says "adios sucker.."
i thank every grey cell in my body that made me save my drawing to my pendrive.
Fall asleep
8 30 AM I get up, feed the green monkeys and drag myself to the shower. I have to be in college by 11 for the "i-dont-really care-anymore-im-going-to-die" review
11 AM : COllege
Surprise Surprise
Review postponed to wednesday.


2 smoke wisps:

Shamanth said...


and i really did NOT expect the end!!!

Father Murphy would be ashamed of me :)

special lolz @ "iz amaging hoe lack of skeep doen effecp mee"

Meghana Naidu said...

@Shamanth thank you! Based on a true story :D

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